Christa & David

September 7, 2019San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Our Story
David and Christa
Our Life so far...

David and Christa met one night at a mutual friend's birthday party one night in May 2016. After talking for a while, Christa gave David her phone number , with a bit of optimism that he would call. What happened next is different from each of their perspectives.

Christa's perspective: Her small hope that she may have met a nice guy was dashed as she heard nothing from David for the next week.

David's perspective: He did not even wait the requisite three days and texted the next day. No reply. Then he texted again the next day. Crickets. After finding Christa through mutual friends on Facebook , he sent a message a week later saying, "Why did you even bother giving me your number if you weren't going to answer? This is me hoping you gave me the wrong phone number." And to his amazement, he received a message right away...

Christa saw the message and realized she had accidentally given him the wrong phone number! Oops!

From there things went more smoothly. They starting dating. Both of them were a bit cynical about the whole dating thing and were waiting for the other shoe to drop at some point. But it never happened. Things started quickly getting more serious.

David took Christa up to Seattle for the weekend a few months later. They had a great time exploring the city. After sufficient liquid courage, David worked up the courage to ask Christa to officially be his girlfriend, which she promptly and happily accepted.

Not too long after that came the "L" word, the anticipated word he'd been longing to throw out for a while now. Then they started spending weekends together; and random weeknights like when she broke her toe and needed a ride to the hospital (David to the rescue).

After being together for a year, David and Christa moved in together. They traveled together, met each other's families, and started planning their life together. And as a huge surprise to Christa, David created the most amazing proposal video ever and presented in such a perfect way.

The Wedding

Saturday, September 7, 2019
Attire: Semi-Formal
Ceremony and Reception
Plaza de Magdalena
31781 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, USA
Wedding Party

Nedlin - Matron of Honor

Nedlin has been my best friend for over 20 years. We met in middle school and played softball together. She later moved into the house around the corner from my parents in Tustin, at which point we became inseparable throughout high school. After we graduated, we went to different colleges and have mostly lived in different cities ever since. However, we visit each other often and talk on the phone more. She currently lives in that same house around the corner from my parents with her husband, Robert, and their adorable son Ethan who will be our ringbearer.

Nedlin has been with me through thick and thin. We have had so many great times together. I admire her loyalty, strength, compassion and intelligence. I am honored to have her stand up with me on my big day and I know we will be there for each other through all of the big moments in our lives (even if we can't always be in the same place).

Casey - Bridesmaid

As many of you know, Casey is my little sister. We were always very close growing up, playing and getting into trouble together and, like true siblings, occasionally getting each other into trouble. Growing up, I was always jealous because she is so funny and athletic and cool. Now I appreciate all of those great qualities and try to emulate them and learn from her. I am incredibly lucky to have her as a sister. We have been through a lot together and I am so happy we have come out of it closer than ever. She understands me in a way that nobody else does.

Casey is incredibly smart and empathetic, gives great advice, and is an amazing mother to my precious niece, Mia, who is also the flower girl. Her wonderful husband, Jeremy, is also one of the groomsmen. I am delighted that they are going to join us in celebrating our happy day.

Cheryl - Bridesmaid

Cheryl and I fell into friendship over our mutual love of historical romances. We found out we read the same books and never looked back. Her and her husband James had an open door policy where all of our friends were always welcome. For over a year, I spent almost every weekend at their place (and some days in between). They are some of my fondest memories, full of the laughter, a few tears, and lots of being goofy. When she and James decided to move to Portland, OR in the fall of 2015, they graciously allowed me to come with them at a time when I needed a change. Without them I never would have met David. Cheryl has done so much for me, has helped me to grow and mature, and has been a much needed voice of reason in my life.

Cheryl and James moved to New York City in February 2018 when she got her dream job at NBC. I miss them, but I'm so happy for her. I am in absolute awe of her fierceness, her courage, her style and her kindness. I was so happy when she said yes to being one of my bridesmaids.

Ben Tronson - Best Man

If there ever was a man that has changed my life for the good, it was this man. He took me under his wing to teach me how to eat right and workout right. I would workout with him nearly every day, and hated him at the time for pushing me harder but afterwards I would thank him. He is the glue that keeps our group of friends together. He is one of the greatest people I know and I'm lucky to call him a friend.

Timothy Crowley - Groomsman

Growing up with Tim
was fun, we’d always puck a slither up and down the garden (breaking a few window sometimes) and play soccer till we dropped. I left for America
when he was 14. He could always puck a ball better than me but I had
him at soccer. When I came back to visit from time to time we would
still be back in that garden and I no longer could keep up. I
would've loved to have seen him grow to be that man he is now instead
of only seeing him a couple of weeks a year. I've been looking up to this
man for a while now, and I've never been so proud to call him my brother!!!

Jeremy Kohn - Groomsman

I met Jeremy in February 2017 when it was time for Christa to introduce me to her family. I got to hang out with him one on one for a bit and I saw that he was just one awesome dude that cared for his daughter Mia like no other!! I always look forward to visiting her family and to have a few beers with my new future brother-in-law!